Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anita's Horse-Drawn Carriage

Have u ever had a dream of living in a fairy tale?
Where someday, ur prince will come and take you to a beautiful kingdom.
U r just doing ur daily routine, not knowing what will happen, and suddenly ur charming prince pop up in front of u with his horse-drawn carriage, bringing the most beautiful dress u could ever seen, and life will never be the same ever again.

This is what I feel when making this figurine.
Anita is such a dreamer, but her dream will soon be reality.

Hv a beautiful life ahead, Anita.
My hope n pray be with u ^^

N Meta

Romantic Wall Decoration - Special Request by Anita

This is another creation that I HEART so much.
It is ordered by our loyal customer, Anita.
She wanted to make a wall decoration for her new bedroom on December.
She wanted to have 3 hearts as a symbol of stages.

The first one is the white heart. This is the first time they knew each other, which was in a park.

The second one is the pink heart.
This is the symbol of their first date.

And the last one is the red heart. This is the day they make their vow to live together forever.

I am wishing a wonderful life ahead, Dear Anita.



Personalized Trophy

I really love it!
A personalized trophy is a great idea of showing an appreciation to somebody.

And this time, Ranita ordered this for her boyfriend.

The writing on the trophy says
"The Winner of My Heart"

Who wouldnt love to get such award.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Request by Ticex

Special Request by Indri for Rianty

Indri ordered this figurine and keychain for her lovely friend in Jakarta.
Indri is currently living in German.
But distance did not stop her from remembering and giving Rianty something special for her birthday.

Rianty loves to play badminton, blue color, eating meatball, and number 7.

Enjoy ^^

F Happy Birthday - Special Request by Shinta

F Romantc Eve at Segarra - Special Request by Diah

CB Special Request by Diah

CB Special Request by Marini

I really love making these charms for Marini. She wanted her bracelet to remind her of New Zealand. She wanted Kangaroo, Kiwi bird, Kiwi fruit, Boomerang, and Sheep.
Me myself has a special feeling for Aussie.
So yeah, it's so personal to me too..

and this is the shoes charm bracelet.

Special Request by Della Kussler

Our lovely customer, Della Kussler, is a sweet family girl.
She ordered special request not only for herself, but also for her mother, and her little twin brothers.

Charm Bracelet for Her Mother
Phone Charm for The Little Twin Brothers, Nakula and Sadewa
and Charm Bracelet for Herself

Wendy's "First Gift"

The last models of Wendy's figurine series is the "First Gift".

No no no..
Don't get mistaken.
The CRV is not on the gift package.
Wendy gave his girl a diamond ring and a bouquet of red roses.
And.. He gave the gifts in his CRV Car.

This is the end of Wendy's figurine series.
Wendy is one sweet guy, don't u think?


Wendy's "Cafe to Cafe"

The fourth figurine models the activity of one day.
At that day, Wendy and his girl got nothing to d, so they just hopped from cafe to cafe.

First, they went to Honeymoon Dessert.

After Honeymoon Dessert, they hopped to Coffee Bean.

Now is time to Imperial Cakery..

And last but not least, they went to Dixie.

This is how i managed to make a 4 in 1 figurine.


Wendy's "First Contact"

The third figurine models the first time their hands touched.
It is called "First Contact".
It took place in Hard Rock Cafe, on the second floor to be exact.

I smell love..

Wendy's "First Spark"

The second figurine models their first spark.
Wendy was accompanying his girl buying a new cellphone.
This was the first time they felt something different in their heart.
Mm.. Too sweet ^^

Wendy's "First Spark"

Picture speaks a thousand words.
what about a figurine?
Wendy had a brilliant idea by making a series of figurines, modelling places and activities he had with his girl.

Here we go..

This figurine is called "First Movie".
I made 2 rows of seats and a starship of Starwars behind them.
Why didnt i put the starship in front if them?
Well, first of all, i want the focus is still in the coupls, and second, the starship itself is just a reminder of the movie.

F Guy Holding Camera

F Doctor with Guitar - Special Request by Nanda

CB Animals - Special Request by Sheila

GH Couple - Special Request by Yuliana

GK Couple 2in1 - Special Request by Jullice

F Mountain Love

Dating on mountain side is so romantic, right? With the cold breeze and magnificent view, it creates a certain feeling of togetherness. hmmmmm..