Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USB Mbew

This Flash Disk is especially made for Nissia Ananda.
This one is also sized bigger than usual, because she wanted a 4GB flash disk and they were out of stock, so i need to find a subtitution. 
Of course I asked for her approval before =)
So here it goes..
Hope you like it dear!

Cameo Ring

especially for Indah =D

F Happy Graduation

Happy Graduation Dear!

F Fun Fun Fun Birthday

Happy Birthday, Love!

Going on a picnic and playing in the playground is so much fun, especially if you do it on your special day, with your special person!
It's a simple thing, but seems so hard to do in a big and packed city like Jakarta.
So if U can do it, then It is just so special!

Thx Susi!

F 53rd Bday

This figurine is ordered by a couple, for another couple, in the same organization.
In the figurine, you can see that the couple is wearing the same polos. They are the uniforms in the orgz =D.
So besides as a birthday gift, this figurine is also a reminder of ever being in the orgz.
Lovely, eh?

USB Violet

Another lovely flashdisk for a lovely girl.

I understand that maybe, most of you already haveyou own flash disk. Maybe 1, maybe 2, or maybe more.
That's why, I totally understand if you want me to pimp your own flash disk, just like what Violet did.
She already had her own flash disk, n she wanted me to just turned it into.. herself! 
Actually, This flash disk is considered HUGE compared to my usual-sized flash disk. 
But that's ok. I am thrilled to try new things, and most of all, I love to see u guys happy =D.

Still so cute right!
And u can also wear it as a necklace.

USB Myli

I made this Flash Disk especially for my Lovely Sister.
This is her in her signature style!
Miss U, Babe!
This flash disk also can be worn as a necklace n I bet noone would even realize that this is double functioned ;).
Yup! Really come in handy right.

F Romance on Big Bike

Who says you can only give presents on anniversaries?
It's not necessary, Dear. 
Let's give present to our lovers oevery months, on monthaversaries!
Did I just make up word?
Oh yes I did! I dont care!
We really should give presents more often and live up the romance!
Yes you heard me!

Thanx Yunita for reminding us to do so!


F Feed The Puppies

This lovely lady loves puppies so much!
Look at her trying to give those bones to the puppies.
Cute, right?

PAN Peter

A collegue is having a birthday party and you just don't know what to gift?
U don't want to be too personal, but u also want it to be special.
I know just what you need! Pop-a-Name is the answer.

This is PAN Peter, Peter is wearing his favorite outfit and he is holding Starbucks.

Nice =)

PS: Did you notice the title of this post? If you swap the word, it could be read PETER PAN! Ha!

F Football Player

This is what Eva ordered for her beloved lover.

I bet the boyfriend must like it a lot.

Thanx Darla!

Personalized Keychain

Cute Rings Parade

As usual, you can request your own design =)

Couple Ring

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here We Go Again

In Evita Nuh's newest post, I spotted Gigoo and White Lady. Yay!
We love u, darl!

For full version, click here

Frame Happy Birthday Metta

USB Melissa's Tennis Player

USB Diego Milito

Lisa knew that Milito is her boyfriend's favorite football player.
So she ordered this Diego Milito Flash disk, especially for her beloved boyfriend.
I am so glad that Lisa said, the boyfriend liked it a lot!
Thx Dear!

Piano and Korean Guy

Flash Disk



Monita's "Me and My Car"

Andre's "Me and My Car"

F Japan Lover

Hobbies Keychain