Monday, May 25, 2009


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random necklace


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheery Red

My original version is White Lady (Above), but then Sha asked me to make one for her friend, but this time, she wants cherry. So, here it goes..

IDR 50.000


CB diamond and skull

N Kitty with Skully Stars

N Mr Jack
I made this order last year asa a specil request from very nice girl.
She really loves emo style, skull, nightmare before xmas, gloomy bear..
So exciting to receive a special request like this.

Thanx girl.

Miu Craft


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have to finish 5 figurines order this week.
All at the same time.

Panick attack

Can I do it?
What should i make... Hm.. Beach.. Family.. Basketball, Pop a name, orchestra...
And not to mention other little knick knacks..

I need to take a deep breath..

Vespa, anyone?

Yay. Vespa sidecar..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lia's Special Request

Lia is my customer from Manado.
She loves craft.
Here are what she ordered..



This is a small miniature of a basketball player.


Couple Holding Hands

Pooh n Friends

Birthday Girl

not so puppy-love

Frankly, this is not the best figurine we have ever made.
But there is a funny story behind this creation that makes it memorable.

Our customer told us that this figurine is for her friend's birthday. She asked me to make a couple. So i asked her to send me the picture. I was expecting to see a grown-up couple, or at least, teenagers. But what she sent me was a picture of kids.

I found out that her friend's friend is in a relationship with her childhood friend. So sweet, isn't it. Heehee..

Miu Craft

21st anniversary

Happy 21st Anniversary for Devina's parents.

Miu Craft

Random Necklace

Here it is, Florange, and White Lady.
Love 'em

Cafe Romance

Nelly's first date was at Kafe Betawi.
So she wanted to give her boyfriend a miniature of that moment as a gift of their 6th month

Aunt's Couch

My aunt asked me to make her a couch.

This is the our very first figurine.

When my aunt received it, she asked, "kenapa om Herdy dibuat botak?"


Charm Bracelet

Last year, I went to Gold Coast with my boyfriend, my sister n some friends.
We went on a roadtrip from Melbourne.

On the first night, my boyfriend n i walked along the Surfer Paradise Beach to see a night market. There was this one booth that got my attention. It was the charm bracelets booth. I heart them so much but i took my time and went to other booths. When i made up my mind to finally buy the bracelet, it was closed. Hix..

2 years after,
i lived up my dream from that regret and made my own charm bracelet.
Enjoy =D