Monday, March 15, 2010

Rooney USB

Hi Dearies!
This is a new item from Miu. Customized USB. U can turn ur USB intoo.. YOU!
Nice one, right?
Just send me ur picture and the description of how u want me to make it.
U can use ur own USB - just send it to me - , or use my USB.
Do email me if u have any question:

This USB is Rooney. A dear friend of mine is a huge fan of Manchester United n Rooney.
SO i made this one, Rooney with Mu blue uniform.
The day i sent this USB to my friend, MU won 4-0 (if im not mistaken).
Woohoo.. *No offense for MU's haters*

My friend loves the USB so much!
Well, enjoy, dear!


Sushi Lovers

Astrid's Couple Heads Phone Charm

Warda's Stuff

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank U Dear Friend

These are the name card n sticker Miu just made, designed by Miu's super-talented friend, Lidia.
You can visit her blog HERE.

F Policeman

F Birthday Girl with Piano

The Greatest Boyfiend In The World Trophy - Seruni

F Love Garden - Irene

F Sweet Birthday

F Favorite Things

Wanting to give your boyfriend something that's not too cheesy and is also his favorite?
Mercy just knew what to do.
She ordered a figurine of her n her boyfriend standing beside Carz (from Pixar), her boyfriend's favorite stuff.
That's why i call this figurine "Favorite Things": Mercy and Carz =D

And this one is a cute octo keychain

Miu Craft

Pop a Name

PAN Dinand

CB Mix Disney for Tia

Sandy Cheeks, Pilchard The Car, Bolt, Gingy Bread, Timmy the Sheep, and Chicken Little (i made him too tall, not so little anymore)

F Happy Birthday - Talitha

F Meliana

F Karate Kid for Nadia

F Ice Cream Land for Dearest Ellaine

F Romantic Moment for Indrie

Souvenir for Aqiqahan for Meinar Indria

CB for Ria

Shella Special Request