Tuesday, August 31, 2010

F Picnic at Central Park

Remember my friend Marde? 
The one I gave the christmas theme figurine? 
The one who is still in US n hvnt come back for 5 years?
Doesnt ring any bell? 
Oh Well, last year, I gave her the F Warm Christmas which you can check it out HERE.

Marde is the one who always loves my creation.
She said that I should move to US, ask for a working visa, n start living n move my business there.
One can always dream, right?

This time, Marde asked me to make a figurine n sent it to her good friend who has back to Jakarta for good.
She wanted it to be a birthday present as well as a lovely reminder of the good time they had together in New York.
Here it goes..

Marde, Essya, and little Freya.
They are having a picnic at Central Park.
Marde and Essya are enjoying the cookies and cakes.
Yum Yum

While Mommy is having a good time, lil Freya is also enjoying herself with the fruit cake n lolly.
Cute kid!

Look at all those food *strolling*.

Miss U, Mar!

F Bagus n Evelline

Evelline from Raindrops got married.
Here is my gift for her =)

Have a happy marriage life, Dear =)

GK Nelly n Cath

Keychain of Nelly n her sister.

PAN Panya

This PAN is ordered by Nelly for her boss.
Her boss is still so young n love karoke.
So here you can see a television, a whirling wire, and the boss himself holding a mic.
Nelly wanted it to be more special so she also ordered glass-box to put the PAN.

Monday, August 30, 2010

F Surya n Icha Wedding

"So they are no longer two, but one." -Mark 10:8"

Almost two months ago, my friend, Icha, got married.
She was my first college friend who was getting married.
I was so excited.
I wanted to give her a special present, so i made her a figurine.
I gave it to her after the wedding, cause i wanted to see the gown n tux first.
So here it is, immitating the real one =).

Have a happy marriage life, Icha =D

USB Mbew

USB for Samsiany
Thx Sweety!

F Cherry Cherrious

"Cherry is a girl who, just like her name, likes cherry so much.
She lives in Cherryland and has so many lovely friends.
Cherry loves to read books and she has the most gorgeous curly brown hair in town.
And today, Cherry is getting one more year of blessing.
Happy Birthday Cherry"

Kiki is the one who ordered this one for her friend, Cherry.
Thanx Kiki! You are such a sweetheart!


Frame Happily Ever After

Lisa is one of my loyal customer =).
She is getting married on December, and she ordered this frame to be put on the picture gallery in her wedding day.
 I gave her the ideas and she approved this one.
This is the old version of her and her soon-to-be husband.
I like this one a lot. 
Much love and bring happy memories.
Thx Lisa!
Good luck on your wedding day, and have a happily ever after marriage life =)


N Charmy Baneey

Charm necklace, anyone?
This one is ordered for an anniversary gift.
Buuuut.. I totally forgot who ordered it.. T_T
Ayo yang dulu pesen ini tunjuk tangan!! 
She ordered it on behalf of her brother.
Her brother wanted sushi, ice cream, monkey, cat, n heart, all in a necklace.
I didn't want it to be too colorful, so i pick yellow-brown-red instead.
Hope u like it, Dear!!

USB SS 501

My cousin is a huge fan of SS501. I honestly don't know what it is. Is it a boyband?
Anyway, this one is ordered by her. And she said that she liked it a lot!
Yay! Thanx Uin!!

U can wear it as a necklace =)


PAN Jeanika

Pop-a-Name ordered by Nadia for her lovely friend. She wanted it to be colorful n fun.
Hope u like it, Dear.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fancy Rings

a. Piano Ring
b. Red Lips Ring
c. Purple Ribbon

Cute rings ordered by Cherieta Hasea.
Another cuties.
Thx Dear.


GK Tasya

Sushi Parade

Sushi Parade
Sushi Rings =) 
here we have salmon sushi, tobiko, tamago, and ebi sushi

Sushi Headband =)

I love them!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

F Love Under the Christmas Tree

I always love it when my customers like the stuff i made them =).
Well, this figurine is ordered by Wiwik, Melly's sister.
The story is, when Melly got her figurine, she got so excited and sent the pict to her sister, Wiwik.
Well Wiwik was not in Java island, but was planning to go to Jakarta.
So she contacted me to make a figurine of she and her hubby.
She sent me the picture, and i made it based on that picture.
And it turned out that Wiwik liked the figurine so much too!
Thank u you guys!

PS: When i took this pict, the figurine had not yet been vernished. 
That explains the non-glossiness.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sella's Order

F Melly's Desk

Melly works as forex trader. 
So, I made her in her desk playing laptop, with dollar, yen, euro, and poundsterling surrounding her.

I pretty much like this one. Not too much colors, but still fun.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Irra's Figurine

Lovely Irra ordered this figurine for her anniversary gift to her boyfriend.
Ceritanya, ini lagi di Abuba.
Irra lagi ngasi piring yang isinya steak ke pacarnya =)
Happy Anniversary, Irra!