Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miu Craft Order Form




                Name (First and Last):


                Email Address:


                Mobile number:


                Shipping address:


                Ur website/ blog:


                Ur BCA/Mandiri acc name:


                Please give us a complete description on ur order such as COLOR, MODEL, HAIR COLOR, HAIR STYLE, DRESS COLOR, PANTS COLOR, NAME u want to put, etc.

            Order 1:




            Order #2:




            Order #3:




            Order #4:




            Order #5:




            If u have more than 5 order, put number 6, 7, 8 etc to order #5.

        Courier that you choose:

         TIKI JNE





        Mode of payment:

         Transfer to BCA

         Transfer to Mandiri

         Paypal (in USD)


        How did you hear about Miu Craft?


        Please give us comments about our products and services ^^


        Thanx so much for ur order.

        We'll reach u as fast as we can.



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