Tuesday, August 31, 2010

F Picnic at Central Park

Remember my friend Marde? 
The one I gave the christmas theme figurine? 
The one who is still in US n hvnt come back for 5 years?
Doesnt ring any bell? 
Oh Well, last year, I gave her the F Warm Christmas which you can check it out HERE.

Marde is the one who always loves my creation.
She said that I should move to US, ask for a working visa, n start living n move my business there.
One can always dream, right?

This time, Marde asked me to make a figurine n sent it to her good friend who has back to Jakarta for good.
She wanted it to be a birthday present as well as a lovely reminder of the good time they had together in New York.
Here it goes..

Marde, Essya, and little Freya.
They are having a picnic at Central Park.
Marde and Essya are enjoying the cookies and cakes.
Yum Yum

While Mommy is having a good time, lil Freya is also enjoying herself with the fruit cake n lolly.
Cute kid!

Look at all those food *strolling*.

Miss U, Mar!

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