Wednesday, August 3, 2011

F Agung and Dhika part 1 - Java Jazz

Dhika, a dear customer of mind, ordered a series of figurines to be put on her wedding day.
Each of them tells different stories, unique ones.
I had so much fun making them and were very excited.
Dhika and Agung is such a nice couple. 
Have a blessed marriage, guys.

At the first figurine, Dhika wants to show the ambience of Java jazz. 
Dhika and Agung have known each other for a long time, but at Java Jazz 2010, there was a different sparks that be the start to something more beautiful =).

The sweet couple, Agung and Dhika.
Dhika said that I made Agung too skinny. Haha.. Better luck next time.

And this is the Java Jazz banner.
It took me 3 hours just to paint this one.
Happy with the result, though.

 First figurine is finished. Please do wait for the second one.

-to be continued

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  1. waaahhh...yg ini keren bgt kak!! coool!! :]