Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Razaan's 8th Birthday Souvenir

When Raisya came to me and requested to make souvenir for her brother's 8th birthday party, I was so excited.
So here goes, cheerleader necklace for the girl guests and soccer player for the boy guests.  

 These are the packaging that I made.

I also designed the souvenir card.
I was happy with them =D 
Thx Raisya!!

Dear Lovelies,

If you have any idea to make anything (from clay), just reach me,
and I'll try my best to help you =)

*made by order:
send your email to
or short message 0817760018
BBM: 232e4456, Please include a personal message, or I won't accept you. Thank you.
-Cause you deserve to get the miracle-


  1. mbak, mau tanya,, semua dibentuk pake tangan, ato ada cetakannya?, :)

  2. Pake tangan nih mbak :D.
    Ga pake cetakan sama sekali kalo buat orang =)