Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dear Lovelies,

Miu is now also selling cupcakes.
So glad to finally having said that.
The name of the cupcake is Maru Cupakery.
According to, Maru's language of origin is Japanese. The meaning of Maru is 'round'. So we are hoping that the cupcakes order will be round and round, ongoing, and never ends =).
But hey, why do we pick MARU in the first hand? Well the truth is, Maru is the collaboration between my mom "mama" (the owner of FRAMOKI) n my lovely sister "elsa-erusa) (the owner of CUTERUU), so we pick MA and RU. Haha.. Quite cheesy.

So, from now onward, there will also be posts about cupcake here in Miu Craft =)


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