Monday, July 18, 2011

Short Note from Me

Hi Lovelies!!

How are you all doing?
My life has been great.
I know I rarely write my personal stuff here, but hey, there is always a start for everything, right?
So, maybe for once in a while now, I guess I'll be writing a little bit of this and that here, in Miu's blog.

Well, updates of my life are:
- I am still busy making your orders (mostly at night), and working in the office (by day).
- I am getting married very soon
- I have gained 5 kilos while i should have lost 6 kilos. So the total now is, I have to lose 11 kilos to reach my target. This is baaaad. Arrrgh! I dont like running n I love good food. I dont eat too much but my body metabolism is so just so slow. Grrr..

That's it for now I guess.
I gotta keep rolling with this life.

Catch you up later guys.


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